Sunday, June 28, 2009

No. 29

1. Finally saw "Away We Go" last night. What a lovely, sweet, endearing movie. It is not a film for the jaded, or the critical, which makes it delightfully refreshing. As Roger Ebert says, it's a film for nice people. And it reminded me of every definition of home that I have.

2. Man 1: Hey, how's your Pride going?
Man 2: My Pride's going great; how's your Pride?

Woman with Man 2: Did you know him?
Man 2: Nope!

3. Barah Sauer calling me during the Brandi Carlile/Indigo Girls concert to let me listen (via cell phone) to the most raw, elegant, heart-thumpingly-brilliant love song there ever was.

As far as I understand it, the lyrics and melody and vocal technicalities of this song completely step aside and make way for the emotion behind it all to completely take over. An emotion so powerful that it could be felt even over a crappy free cell phone.

I'm always talking about how when you kiss somebody and it's a fairly non-meaningful kiss, you are are aware of the anatomy involved--here are your lips, these are your teeth, this is your tongue: ew. But when it's an in love sort of kiss, you're not thinking about lips as lips and saliva as saliva--it's just all one big magic explosion sort of deal which completely transcends anatomy. That's how I feel about really good music. I mean it. You're not thinking about the instrumental elements involved or the word choice of're just laughing or crying or sighing or holding your breath.

When I hear a really good song that communicates emotion to me over anything else, to the point where I forget about the talent of the artist, THAT'S when I know that artist is truly talented.

And Brandi Carlile is friggin' talented y'all.

This performance of aforementioned "The Story" with The Seattle Symphony is so beautiful...

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