Saturday, June 27, 2009

No. 28

1. Bought two new books yesterday: Surprised by God (Danya Ruttenburg) and What to Eat (Marion Nestle). I'm trying to figure out how I can get myself a library card since I still don't have an official Chicago address, but in the meantime I love any excuse to buy a book; perhaps it's a consumerist tendency coming out but I just love owning a book as opposed to borrowing one. Maybe it's because I am so tactile and enjoy the crinkle sound of the pages so much that my books are completely worn out by the time I'm done with them; maybe it's because I always draw in the margins (though I've been known to do that with library books...don't tell Chicago).

Post-purchase excursion to Women and Children First (one of my favorite bookstores of all time), I showed my literary finds to Hannah, who exclaimed "Big surprise! Religious women and organic foods--your two favorite things!" I laughed and I loved this. If I'm going to be known for liking certain things, religious women and organic foods aren't the worst I could do. It feels good to feel known by a friend, and it sometimes it feels really good to be typical.

2. I sat on the beach last night in my new neighborhood. I love Rogers Park for its elegant architecture, distinct character, and its unassuming, breathtaking beach. It was such a warm, summery-cozy night with so much beautiful light and color I just had to stare and stare. Digging one's hands and feet in the sand is so remarkably pleasurable, and watching boats sail by is always a simple, peaceful surprise.

3. Deep, dreamful, uninterrupted sleep.

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  1. i love you and rogers park and that you will soon be living in rogers park.