Monday, June 29, 2009

No. 30

1. Dinner with Jon-Erik last night: our waiter gave us a free improv show, I ate a delicious sandwich, and I am now inspired to read books that intimidate me. Jon-Erik, who knows so much about this stuff, claims that many of the post-modern books that for whatever reason gain such a critical and pretentious following are actually very optimistic and genuine. I stand corrected for my skepticism, and am excited to redeem myself.

2. While in desperate search for a post-work cupcake this evening, I accidently stumbled into a poetry reading. The poetess must have been really legit because there were hoards of fancy-looking people there, but big surprise I hadn't heard of her. No matter; her imagery was very funny and made me chuckle from the back.

3. I made naan pizza (twice!) today and it was simple, warm, crisp, and beautiful. I topped a piece of whole-wheat naan with olive oil, tomato sauce, herbed goat cheese, roasted tomatoes, sauteed eggplant, and fresh mozzarella. The entire process of making it was so quiet and lovely: tasting as I added ingredients and using my hands to crumble the goat cheese and spread the sauce.

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