Monday, October 12, 2009

No. 57

1. The grandmother of one of my gymnastics girls telling me "You have the patience of Job!" It was such a great thing to say and so kind of her to express that I felt very accomplished for the rest of the day.

2. I was in desperate search for baklava, but so far from Albany Park. I walked up a few blocks and found a fancy restaurant which I knew served my very favorite dessert but felt intimidated about asking for it to go. No matter, I charged in anyway and asked the host if I could buy a few pieces. He seemed to understand my plight and replied, "NOOOO problem!"

Not only did he arrange them in a lovely box for me, but he gave me a dollar off, AND a coupon. He explained, "Because you're so kind!" but I think he was just being Lebanese about everything. My favorite thing about Arabs at large is how generous they are with food. This is a huge part of Middle Eastern culture--the sharing of food with friends and strangers--and I see it in every Middle Eastern restaurant in the city. Even the fancy ones.

3. Warm clothes on a cold night

Friday, October 9, 2009

No. 56

1. Me: Let's make tacos!
[4-year-olds lift their feet in the air and laugh hysterically]
Me: Let's make burritos!
[4-year-olds curl up into balls and laugh hysterically]
Me: What else should we make?
Chava, age 4: CHALLAH!

2. Cleaning the dance room by myself while listening to Tchaikovsky. Cleaning is my favorite part of work. It's relaxing, and meditative, and the smell of Swiffer spray is truly incomparable.

3. Feeling more inspiration to write.