Friday, June 26, 2009

No. 27

1. Enjoyed my favorite breakfast--coffee and a bagel--while writing a letter this sunny and warm (but not hot!) morning. There was a little spot of sunlight on the table and it reminded me of whatever J.D. Salinger book it is which talks about wanting to curl up in a small patch of warmth. Writing an epic letter to one of my very dearest friends helped me process and come to some valuable conclusions that I would not have reached writing to myself in my journal. Hip hip for interactive writing.

2. I love days when I don't work in the afternoon so I can talk with Kristina when she wakes up, and I'm doing something productively lazy like making eggs. Those are some of my favorite conversations I ever have with anyone, sitting at the table and talking until she has to leave.

3. Watched a middle-aged, mustached, collared-shirt-wearing bespectacled man eat breakfast with his pink-short-haired, skinny, mightily-tattooed daughter and her white-haired, skinny, and mightily-pierced girlfriend. It was a wonderful image and they were all completely delighting in each other, laughing a lot and eating French toast.

4. Raul put air conditioning in the dining room where I sleep. Praise Jesus for Raul. Praise Jesus for air conditioning.

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