Thursday, June 11, 2009

No. 17: Morning Edition

8:56 AM and I already have 3 things.

1. Earl Grey tea was just perfect. Thank you Yesterday Mari, for knowing exactly what Today Mari would want this morning and buying it for her.

2. I stopped by Ben's myspace to listen to his new recordings, and his music sounds so full and alive and Ben-ish. He is playing lots of shows and writing songs like crazy and recording some really beautiful stuff with his band. I am such a proud ex-girlfriend.

3. The other day when I took my pilgrimage from Evanston to Lincoln Square, I was listening to Josh Ritter. Which is not rare for me. What is rare for me is when I am listening to my fave Josh Ritter song, and Joe texts me, "How do you feel about Josh Ritter?" That is straight-up rare.

Anyway, it led to a text conversation which led to me burning a bunch [two] of JR albums for Joe, which made me re-fall in love with Josh. I am in love with Josh. I am.

This is why: He creates these incredible fantasy worlds, about the Mississipi River and silent films and living in the wilderness, and then he sings about them as though they're completely normal. Awesome and probably very difficult to pull off. Maybe he is the Pedro Almodovar of folk music.

I am also bananas about his use of the Wurlitzer, and the way he can be at once so folky, so rocky, so bluegrass, so old-school honkey-tonk. And his use of the 6/8 time signature, i.e. God's time signature.

And finally, I feel like Josh Ritter sees his entire life as this big romantic drama. Which is exactly how I see my life. So we should get married?

Anyway. I've been listening to him non-stop since I woke up today.

The lyrics in this particular song are stunning, beautiful creaky melancholy for this rainy morning.

Now, I take a walk.

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