Sunday, May 24, 2009

No. 5

1. Tonight at the Red Hymnal Society reunion, we sang one of my faves, "My Savior's Love," a very bouncy sort of hymn with a lot of gusto. A bit overzealous whilst in mid-sing, I mixed up the words in the chorus: How marvelous! how wonderful! and my song shall ever be... and instead sang And my SOUL shall ever be (because there are a LOT of hymns with the word "soul" in them). At first this made me giggle, and then I thought "Yes, actually, my soul is marvelous and wonderful!" That was a nice reminder that God ONLY makes marvelous and wonderful souls, no mediocre and pathetic souls. I shall re-write that hymn post-haste. Just what Red Hymnal Society loves is new progressive songs. I jest.

2. I was reminded of the time in a Red Hymnal Society meeting of yore when Leah sang loud and proud, Fairer is the moonshine (as opposed to "moonlight") in the hymn "Fairest Lord Jesus." That made me re-giggle, three years after the fact. The idea of comparing Jesus to alcohol is both humorous and fantastic. Megan once told me that I have a gift for being able to laugh just as hard at something funny that happened years ago as when it first happened, and I honored that gift this evening. Lucky me!

3. Sarah is going to make a rock-star librarian. And I love her.

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