Tuesday, May 26, 2009

No. 6

1. I appreciated this rainy day for its coziness, but wearing a very thin shirt during an epic walk [I decided to leave my coat at home after seeing the sun peek its face out early this morning] made me crave warm weather again. I was so worried about having two summers in a row and what that would do to my psyche, but it seems that I am already well-prepared for another summer.

2. There is this large reddish heart on the sidewalk of Lincoln Avenue that spells "Hart" in the middle with small white tiles. I've attempted research on its presence but I can't find out what it's doing there. For now, I like it better as a mystery. It consistently makes me smile when I see it and today was no exception.

3. Today Joe used the phrase "making a spectacle of themselves" in reference to obnoxious high schoolers on the train, and it prompted me to realize that, while I find that phrase very charming, I am not likely to use it often. I decided to change that immediately. Additionally, I am enchanted by the way that Joe speaks and writes and this is one of the reasons why I make him be my friend. Also, we always end up looking like famous supermodels when we take pictures together. It's true, don't lie to yourself.

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