Saturday, May 23, 2009

No. 4

1. I didn't realize how badly I desired the email I received this morning until I received it. I love hearing news from Chile and I love still feeling like a part of that rich community, despite being so far away. It is so good to feel remembered.

2. A woman came in the Grocer today with the most wild and wonderful hair I've ever seen. I couldn't help but exclaim how fantastic it all was, and she looked completely puzzled. "Are you serious?" she responded, and I replied, "Yes, VERY. It's gorgeous!" Despite being a very stylish lady it seemed like she was not fully confident in the wild wonderfulness of her hair, and she appeared truly blessed by my compliment, which was an uplifting surprise to me. At the end of the short transaction she said quietly and earnestly, "I hope you have a really beautiful day."

3. This song by the phenomenal French-Nigerian singer Asa came on one of my Pandora stations this evening, and somehow the collection of cyberspacial chemicals that figure out my musical preferences knew exactly what I would want to listen to. It was sympathetically melancholy, but also comforting. Every note felt scrumptious, and needed.

[This video for the song is a sketchball handmade slideshow, but the song is perfect and lovely and deserves a listen.]

I wake up at dawn, as it dawns upon me
I wake up to the sun, shining upon me
I see doves in the sky, birds flying high

Then in silence I pray for peace
For my people

As if I weren't crying already, y'all.

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