Thursday, August 13, 2009

No. 49

1. Smore fixins, a handmade quilt, a costume change, and meteor-spotting on the beach whilst conversing about the splendor of RVs, romantic Medieval notions of space and sound; singing showtunes.

2. Fun at work. I told the kitchen staff I would buy myself a cupcake the first day Head Chef didn't yell at me about something. I am always taking orders incorrectly, forgetting to consolidate the edamame salad, neglecting to put out the welcome mat in the morning, adding the incorrect amount of lavender to the lavender lemonade. BUT, yesterday, he yelled at me not once, not even a bit! A cupcake was had, congratulations given, and text messages were sent out among my co-workers: "Head Chef didn't yell at Mari today!" 'Twas grand, all of it.

3. Thought I had no coffee left in my small red mug; in fact had two more large sips!

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