Saturday, August 8, 2009

No. 48

1. Among a lot of Gap-wearing French-speaking kids whose uptight skinny yuppie moms won't let them eat Goldfish, Meg and Soren stand out as my favorites--totally cool, laid-back, confident, they get their clothes from thrift stores and can eat whatever they want. Their mother is this tall willowy bespectacled woman who paints, and their step-father an Allen Ginsberg doppelganger with a massive beard and Intelligentsia t-shirt.

Today as I walked into work, about to teach a ballet class, I spotted Allen Ginsberg Doppelganger himself and ran up to him in full enthusiasm: "Are you Meg and Soren's dad?!" He gave me an odd look, then softened into recognition and replied "Yeah!"

"I loooooove them," I told him, "They are the COOLEST kids." He said, "Yeah, they're awesome. I am so lucky they're in my life."

"I can imagine," replied I, "I mean, I'm lucky they're in my life too; I really love having them in class. They're very very special kids."

Then Allen Ginsberg got all wistful and wonderful. He said, "When I think back, even two years ago, I thought they had taught me so much...but now I realize how much more they've taught me since then. I've learned more from them than anyone. I'm just so so lucky."

2. A quiet night of baking, "Mad Men" playing on my laptop, the kitchen buzzing and warm and my hands caked in almond flour and egg whites--just as I like them.

3. A really, really excellent voicemail message from Andy. Talk about being lucky to have someone in your life.

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