Saturday, August 1, 2009

No. 45

1. I heard the name of a town: Culpepper, and I repeated it all day because I loved it so much. Culpepper, Culpepper. Perfect.

2. At 9:43pm I decided that a cupcake was in order. I knew a cupcake shop in the vicinity which closed at 10, but I knew I would have to hurry to cram a 25-minute walk into fifteen minutes. Rushing over with laptop and huge stuffed bag in tow, the minutes ticked along and I became sweaty and unhappy, and at 9:54 still blocks away I gave up, defeated and pungent.

I looked to my left, and quite magically, a cupcake shop appeared, open til 11. What are the chances?!

And this is where I delighted in the best carrot cupcake I have ever tasted! TELL me there is no God. TELL me.

3. The part I like most in this wildly popular video:

is at about 4:25, when the bride and groom link arms.

My favorite part of the traditional Western wedding ceremony is watching the groom's face as the bride walks down the aisle. Forget the bride; the groom is the real show. And not just because I love men's fashion.

Watch the groom's face next wedding you attend, given that the groom is remotely emotional and the bride is any prettier than an English bulldog, and you will be compelled to smile, if not release a small sigh.

I had never seen my married friend Tyler so much as heartily laugh, but at his wedding when Kelli walked down the aisle in this big beautiful gown I thought his head was going to float up to the ceiling of the church like a helium balloon, he looked so happy.

Anyway, I love how pleased and content this groom looks, like "Yep, that's my girl," and they look so joyful walking the rest of the aisle together. Not over-the-top explosion joyful. Just so happy.

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  1. hi Mari... I found your blog through Cathy... I live in Rogers park too, so amazing to see/read the things I pass every day through someone else's eyes. God bless!