Thursday, July 9, 2009

No. 36

1. Today I was told: "Whenever you're here, I am so happy. Whenever you're not here, I'm sad and I miss you." The barista-customer relationship truly is one of the most precious.

2. This evening was the first time I felt really good about teaching. I taught a grade school gymnastics class, which I prefer a million times to preschool classes, even when they involve tap dancing. The 4th grade girls are funny, sharp, bright, sarcastic. I love teasing them and I love encouraging them. They have invented their own personal languages, their own styles of movement, and already have a solid sense of identity. They are kind to each other and respectful toward me, and they rock at front handsprings. Strong confident girls completely inspire me.

3. My first piece of mail at my new apartment: a small, stuffed, fabulous package from Caitlin the Dreadlocked Poet, who is not dreadlocked anymore but that's still her name, and she is so treasured and knows exactly what I want and need in my moments. A CD full of brilliant Asa, Andu, Joshua Radin, Iron & Wine...fall leaves from Chile, a crocheted magenta scarf, a letter--"I hope this day finds you feeling beautiful"--completely colored my afternoon. My dear friend in Idaho makes me want to be a more vibrant person.

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