Wednesday, July 8, 2009

No. 35

"I am very well; how about you?"
"I am so happy you're here! OH! How was your cupcake the other day?!"
"Oh it was overwhelmingly delightful. And you were right; after eating it, my day went beautifully!"

I am sometimes very self-conscious about how enthusiastic I can be, particularly on issues such as cupcakes. It is really nice and wonderful to talk to someone as enthusiastic as I am. Particularly on issues such as cupcakes.

2. A guy from church found a CTA 1-day Fun Pass on the floor of the Belmont Station. He gave it to me. I rode free for 24 hours, saving me $7.25. I bought a carrot cupcake and incense. Thank you so much, Guy From Church.

3. "Are you aware that you are my rock and my inspiration?"
"You are my rock star too, dear."

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