Saturday, July 4, 2009

No. 33

1. I found a lovely coffee shop two blocks from my new apartment, offering free wi-fi, Intelligentsia coffee, and pretzel-chocolate cookies from Southport Grocery which are one of my many weaknesses. I am happy to report the barista and I had winning rapport, and there are reading lamps at every table.

2. G-Chatting, mid-crisis, and Jon says: "What gives me hope for you is that you by nature do so many things so very right, habitually. So, I don't know when the awful's gonna end, but I have all kinds of faith that you'll come out the otherside, and better than before."

3. I read an interview with John Krasinski who described Alexi Murdoch's soundtrack for "Away We Go" as "very melancholy but so sweet." I feel like this is how my entire life is. It's encouraging to have it validated in this way...that melancholy but sweet things have value exactly as they are, for exactly what they are.

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