Wednesday, July 1, 2009

No. 32

1. Today's weather was so fall-like, so Seattle-like. I wore my knit beret which my mother sent all the way from our Ellicott City shoe closet for my ears, and delighted in apple pie with Ellen on the top floor of a well-worn, creaky-cozy coffee shop where drizzle collected elegantly on the windowpane adjacent to our table as we talked and laughed loudly.

2. Text message: "I am wherever you are."

3. I read this in the introduction to a book I am reading, written by a female rabbi:

Beloved of my soul, compassionate parent, draw Your servant to Your will. Let your servant run like a gazelle to bow down before Your splendor. Let Your affection be sweeter than honeycomb or any other taste. Splendorous one, most beautiful radiance of the world, my soul is sick with love for you.

This is a medieval poem sung in Hebrew during Shabbat liturgy.

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