Thursday, May 21, 2009

No. 2

1. I spotted the Beautiful Ma on the Western Brown Line platform, and intentionally followed her into the train. She carried a smiling lovely baby in the burgundy sling and she herself wore a flouncy skirt and flowered shirt. The whole ride, the red-headed cerulean-eyed baby nestled into Beautiful Ma's chest and Beautiful Ma would laugh and hug her beloved little girl. I have never seen a mother so crazy for her baby, nor a baby so crazy for her ma. They both kept looking at me and smiling, sharing their joy with me; I felt like a small part of their wonderful family for the entire ride.

2. During the Ascension Day Mass, we read a psalm [47] with these lines in it:
Sing praises to God sing praises,
sing praises to our King sing praises.
I was so struck by these words that I wanted to keep singing them forever and ever.

3. I was worried that my dress was a little short for church, and wanted to get the opinion of several friends before venturing to Ascension Day Mass in my new turquoise get-up with the rather high, perhaps not-so-holy hemline. I asked my roommate Kristina [who has never been to St. Peter's] what she thought, and she responded "I'm sure it's fine. I mean, what do you think Priest Sarah would say?" I got her point, and responded, "Yeah, I think she'd probably compliment it."

And as soon as I got into church, Sarah mouthed "I love your dress!"

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