Tuesday, September 1, 2009

No. 54

1. A sick day taken, and an afternoon at Chicago Botanical Gardens. Happy to be lazy, laughy, and warm while strolling through all this beautiful fresh life with my kindred spirit. Chicago has lifted itself out of that little dip into fall last week but I am not protesting; I know fall is coming and I will savor this sweet sunshine while it lingers, hanging on desperately to the first weeks of September when bright warmth is still acceptable.

2. The smell of my rosemary plant

3. Not missing the 5:21 train, for once in my life. A few precious free minutes before work to walk up and down a few of Evanston's mansion-lined streets, so quiet and stately in the very early morning light. Being up so early feels like being let in on a secret. I love sleep but I love to wake up.

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