Monday, August 24, 2009

No. 53

1. My mom delighting with me in a recent victory for an issue very near and dear to my heart: food production. I am so very lucky to have a mother who cares so much for what I care for--who doesn't pass off my little interests or projects as youthful idealism, but takes a genuine interest in my passions. I love her so much.

2. Talking on the phone with my beautiful friend Megan for two and a half hours. She told me about her recent purchase of Georgia peaches from her farmers market in South Carolina, and observed to me that, "Peaches are really the most majestic fruit. Something about them is almost they don't quite belong here. Something about their velvety skin or the color or the way they taste...I think they are a particularly royal fruit."

3. I would have never imagined Hannah's wedding ceremony taking place in the crowded basement at City Hall early on a Saturday, but there was something sacred about it despite the strange and comical circumstance. She looked lovelier than I've ever seen her, and radiated a happiness with which no one could argue.

Watching my friends turn into the people they were created to be--against my own expectations for them--has been such a gift of the growing-up process. Of course Hannah would get married in a silk blue dress, of course she would forget that she should probably have a bouquet, of course her husband would have had her ring made in Jordan, and of course right before her vows she would tell the judge, "Let's do the damn thing!"

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  1. goodness, what a wonderful entry. these anecdotes provide a sparkling reflection of your life.