Thursday, July 16, 2009

No. 40

1. We have a new cook at work, and he is delightful. The rest of the cooks scare me because they are so intense and say things like "DON'T DISRESPECT THE FOOD" when I slice a tomato incorrectly, but latest addition Connor is top notch and completely non-scary.

Today as he was leaving, I noted the bar code tattoo on his forearm.
"Have you ever tried scanning yourself?" asked I.
Connor looked crestfallen and sighed, "Yeah. My arm doesn't work at Borders."

I love this guy.

2. Whenever my boss has a bad day, or drops a cupcake, or breaks her rib, she refers to the experience as "special," i.e. "That was really special." I love this. I love how different it makes the whole thing sound. Which is really important. Take Kristina's living room for instance: it's a beautiful shade of butter yellow, but because the paint color itself is called "Citron Ice," it makes Kristina nauseated and she wants to re-paint.

I am going to think of my less-than-positive experiences as "special" rather than "miserable," and "horrible," and less-than-lovely people as "special" rather than "douchebags."

In doing so, I am saying to myself that this event is abnormal, and be thankful it doesn't happen more often. I am also saying to myself that I can bring some sort of good out of it; I can see something unique in it that can deepen my understanding of the human experience. I think.

[Side note: Remember when Rory and Logan were slow-dancing, and Logan tells Rory that he thinks she's special? And Rory says "Like 'Stop eating the paste' special?" Favorite moment of Season 5 you guys.]

Anyway. I'm going to see my 13-hour work days as special. My customer Myra, who must complain about everything she orders, as special. Olympics for people with disabilities as the Special Olympics. And so on.

3. Had a really nice bonding moment with the girl at Whole Foods. I realize all I talk about are my trips to Whole Foods, but Whole Foods plays a very large role in my life. Anyway. She had a chipped tooth which immediately endeared her to me, and then we briefly but enthusiastically discussed grumpy customers, and the wonderful blessing of exact change. There is something to be said for working in the service industry: you make instant friends.

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  1. Mari, this was the most endearing post yet--how funny those cooks--I laughed out loud with "don't disrespect the food."