Monday, July 13, 2009

No. 38

1. I am watching a man in very thick black glasses dance with his 6-year-old daughter to Aretha Franklin. She looks embarrassed; he looks absolutely delighted. He is supposed to be doing work, but instead he is dancing. I am so thankful to witness this moment.

2. Dave wrote: Last year was the hardest, most stressful and lonely year of my life, but it has greatly prepared me to be a better friend, a better teacher, a better Christian this year. I finally feel ready. It's like when you never feel like you're ready to take a philosophy class until after you have completed the philosophy class.

This was so encouraging to me. Not only because I'm having a bit of a rough time myself, but because of the message of that last line...sometimes you don't feel ready to embark on something until you've already done it. That is so profound and so helpful.

3. Last night I watched a 60 Minutes segment on food icon and visionary Alice Waters who has written a couple of my favorite books and is the international governor of Slow Food, a movement for which I am particularly impassioned. This interview really changed my entire evening; I felt a small step closer to one of my life's goals, which is to come to a place of complete adoration for the gift of my body, and appreciation for all that I can give it as nourishment.

Alice Waters seems to have triumphantly arrived at this place, and I am inspired by her message--however insane the delivery--and her celebration for life. How can I live this fully? I suppose it starts with tomatoes.

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