Monday, June 22, 2009

No. 24

1. Saw a painting in a coffee shop this morning: "You are doing everything right," said it.

2. "Here Comes the Sun," exactly when and where I needed to hear it. The version I have is live, and when the song begins, it seems that the audience can barely resist but to erupt themselves in massive applause with lots of cheering. It appears that it was exactly when and where they needed to hear it too.

3. Choreographed a ballet routine for the itty-bitties in my living room early this afternoon. I still tend to think of ballet as an ugly industry for its competitive backstage drama and obscene standards of feminine perfection. But then when I forget about long necks and long hair, and just dance to music so pretty it forces my heart to swell and compells my toes to point, I feel every forgotten muscle in my body working together and feeling as though that's exactly how God intended my earthly vessel to move.

Then I feel a very grand sense of purpose in teaching dance; I feel better about scary teacher evaluations and the stressful chore of working the front desk, and I can free myself to breathe, and enjoy, and share a forgotten passion with impressionable 8-year-olds so sweetly excited for their first pair of ballet slippers.

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