Saturday, June 20, 2009

No. 22

1. Early this morning I bought John Lennon's Double Fantasy, and it provided the a remarkably uplifting and also calming commute [a half-hour walk] soundtrack, which was much-needed because pre-Lennon-listening I was having a complete panic attack about work.

George has been and will always be my favorite Beatle, but John's music digs so deep, and his voice has such a cheerful quality about it, even when he's singing about the depths of despair. He definitely comes in a very close and triumphant second on the Mari's Master Fave Beatles List.

Two great songs: Listening to "Watching the Wheels" always makes my life feel epic and exciting, and if "Dear Yoko" does not make you want to dance and sing...I hereby reserve the right to de-friend you immediately.

2. Ate a refreshingly simple and nourishing dinner of spinach, tomato, and feta frittata. This is one of my all-time forever and always favorite meals, but I always forget to make it. Tonight I completely remembered, and enjoyed all its deliciousness while looking up Fresh Prince episodes on youTube.

3. A Chile friend remarked, about his post-Chile life, that work was boring and difficult but the guitar was keeping him sane. I try not to think about Chile too much because at this point I really cannot even let myself go there--it will make me crazy-nostalgic and super emo if I do--but it gently reminded me of how the guitar-playing of others often kept me sane while living there. I spent a lot of my first couple weeks in Santiago crying in my bedroom--homesick and anxious as all get out--but I cherished those first freezing nights when Seth would bring out his guitar and play soothing music with sweet simple messages of general good-cheer and auspiciousness.

What keeps me sane now? I think. Hm. Unplanned conversations with Kristina on the couch. Planned times with honest, confident, and fashionable friends who make me laugh. Long walks with lots of music. Music in general--my most treasured posession. Writing [in my journal] and reading [funny books, good magazines]. Cooking [frittatas] and eating [healthier]. Churching and praying [for peace]. Emailing my [witty, lovely] mom, and receiving her [enchanting, encouraging] emails. Reading blogs about families [I have never met]. Sleeping [deeply, for more than 6 hours at a time].

Good night, dear hearts.

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