Saturday, June 6, 2009

No. 12

1. The checkout guy at Trader Joe's had a tattoo of a Makah whale wood carving on his arm. I told him, "Your tattoo is beautiful; it reminds me of home." He replied, "You must be from the Pacific Northwest." I always think of places I've lived in terms of cities--not regions--but identifying myself as a Pacific Northwesterner, as opposed to Seattlite, gave me a quite spiritual feeling of connection to land and people and history.

2. Worked a birthday party today. As I was passing out plum cake [with cream cheese frosting], Elsie grabbed my wrist and said with utmost earnestness, "Miss Mari, when it's my birthday, you NEED to be at my party." Oh, unconditional love from 5-year-olds.

3. New issue of Bust!

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